Hermes Les Cles 90cm Silk Twill Scarf
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Hermes Les Cles 90cm Silk Twill Scarf

Price: $250.00
  • Item #: RDC-7698
  • Manufacturer: Hermes
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Size: 36"h x 36"w.

Condition: pampered. 3.5 of 5 hearts

Material: silk twill.

Hardware: n/a.

Includes: scarf only.

Wrap yourself in true luxury with this Hermes Les Cles 90cm Silk Twill Scarf! Designed by Cathy Latham, the gorgeous gold keys and tassels give this scarf a regal feel. First introduced in 1965, this classic design features a black background with gold keys and red tassels. Easy to dress up or down, this accessory will quickly become a staple piece. In very good condition, there are a few small picks and pulls and the care tag has been removed. Unlock the key to your wardrobe with this beautiful scarf! Add this accessory to your collection today! Made in France. Retail: $395.

RDC7698 Hermes Les Cles Scarf
RDC7698 Hermes Les Cles Silk Twill
RDC7698 Hermes Les Cles Keys Detail
RDC7698 Hermes Les Cles Maroon Logo
RDC7698 Hermes Les Cles Classic Fold
RDC7698 Hermes Les Cles Tag

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