Louis Vuitton Multi Color Striped Knit XXL Scarf
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Louis Vuitton Multi Color Striped Knit XXL Scarf

Price: $500.00
  • Item #: RDC-6679
  • Manufacturer: Louis Vuitton
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Size: 116"L x 11"W.

Condition: pampered. 4 of 5 hearts

Material: blend.

Hardware: golden brass.

Includes: scarf only.

This rare striped extra extra large scarf from Louis Vuitton is chic and charming. The yarn is soft to the touch, but very sturdy. The colors are warm and flattering to many skin tones. The care tag does not list the fabric content. In pampered condition there are very faint pulls here and there. Wrap yourself in Louis with this fun scarf.

Louis Vuitton scarf
Louis Vuitton scarf fold
Louis Vuitton scarf tag1
Louis Vuitton scarf tag2
Louis Vuitton scarf tag3

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