Hermes Deck of Silk Scarf Knotting Cards

Hermes Deck of Silk Scarf Knotting Cards

Price: $50.00
  • Item #: RDC-12460
  • Manufacturer: Hermes
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  • Overall Condition:  pristine 5 of 5 hearts
  • Exterior Condition:  like new, box has some wear
  • Interior Condition:  like new
  • Handles:  n/a
  • Corners:  n/a
  • Includes:  box

Additional Details

  • Size:  4.5"h x 2.5"w
  • Closure:  n/a
  • Pockets:  n/a
  • Features:  deck of cards with different scarf knotting styles
  • Material:  paper card stock
  • Hardware:  n/a
  • Made in:  France
  • Codes:  n/a
RDC12460 Hermes Scarf Knotting Deck Of Cards

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